It remains a point of exasperation, or simple detached bemusement, that so many business owners still have their heads in the sand regarding the power of SEO to return a substantial serving of ROI.

For every client like The Health Arts College, who embraced SEO with us four years ago and who are now conquering Australia new campus by new campus, there are at least 20 business people who spend nothing, or far less than they should be, on search engine optimisation.

This despite the fact that the phrase “Google It” is if not directly uttered, then acted upon daily by nearly every human being in the first world.

Since 1999 we”ve been interacting with Google via various websites, and sometimes, as in the following case, it”s not so much potential clients who are hard of hearing but friends and even more frequently, family.

Such is the example of our friend Emiko, a Tokyo-born Sydney-based make-up artist, who had an early lucky run with an article we posted for her on the website in 2004.

Back then it sat at the top of Google for a few years and she coasted on the demand, but when we kept suggesting she create her own website, she couldn”t be bothered.

Gradually that Freshmag article, given no Links Love, started to drop … and drop … and drop, until eventually it fell out of the top 20 rankings through sheer neglect.

Finally after a sustained period of paucity, Emiko decided to heed our advice and she created a website via … not our recommended platform, but it”s better than nothing.

After a couple of hours of our SEO help, it managed to rank at #15 for “wedding make-up artist sydney” but 2 hours of SEO is never, ever enough and after two weeks it fell from #15 to #18, and then rapidly it dived down to a dizzyingly bad #60.

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