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Children’s Entertainment SEO

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Children’s Entertainment SEO is a Specialist Area

We’ve been around a long time, and along the way we’ve found that the future is where a lot of SEO has potential. Children’s entertainment SEO can cover things such as childcare centres, clowning, children’s activities, vacation care, after-school care, incursions, daycare, early learning centres, children’s entertainers, nursery schools, circuses and many other terms. Is it a growing area? There’s one born every minute.

Hence one of our specialty fields is children’s entertainment and it’s why we rank #1 in Sydney for this term. Our results are being proven daily. To find out more call us on 1300 321 814.

fun day out seo progress

Working with Sydney’s high quality children’s activities provider Fun Day Out has been excellent for them and for us. So far after a short period working with Kerrie Girard and her team we’ve been able to raise their Domain Authority up to 16 and their Home Page Authority to 23, as the above screen grab using Serpworx shows. They’re now ranking for 1230 keywords and keyphrases. Our high quality links from relevant websites and articles are seeing gradual improvements in rankings. But vitally we also trouble-shoot. When Fun Day Out’s new website went live after a 6-month renovation, it turned out the No Index Button which was keeping the DEV version hidden from Google, ended up being left on – so suddenly the site vanished from Google rankings. Using the Serpworx tool above we were able to spot it very quickly, and then re-submit the site-maps in double-quick time so the site was found. This is children’s entertainment SEO with a care factor of Ben-Ten.

children's entertainment seo melbourne activities sydney brisbane

While it’s fantastic for Fun Day Out to rank #1 for the slight variation “fun days out” as it has 480 searches per month, what is even more valuable is that they tend to rank on Page 1 of Google for the providers of these services. Eg ranking #4 for Hudson’s Circus (2400 searches per month) and #7 for Ninja 101 (1900 searches per month) enables Fun Day Out to compete in spaces where people are shopping for a discount. Truly the value of children’s entertainment SEO writ large.

children's activities SEO fun day out SEO progress Sydney Tuff Nutterz

Sometimes it’s not just clowning that is the keyword, it might be clowns in Sydney, or as the above screen-shot from SEMrush shows, clowning around has 260 searches per month. If you’re a clown not finding things funny, you’re not doing your job. Same if you’re a clown trying to do your own SEO work, you’re in the wrong job. Clowning SEO is serious business. Tuff Nutterz meanwhile have 1000 searches per month and we helped Fun Day Out get to #6 so far for that very valuable search term.

fun day out SEO progress

Even smaller search volumes can be very important when it comes to children’s entertainment SEO getting you visitors you never imagined from searches you never even knew you ranked for. For example Lollipops Menai is still a very high monthly search volume – an amazing 720 searches per month, whereas Junkyard Beats are just 110 searches per month, but still well worth having the traffic, as ultimately, in the very competitive area of children’s activities and entertainment, where the likes of the Sydney Morning Herald, Ella’s List and scores of vacation care providers, children’s entertainment troupes and school incursions companies are so active, motivated and hungry for business, you simply have to compete. Once you’re addicted to SEO for most Sydney companies there’s no going back to being in the great darkness of unknown and unfound.

fun day out SEO progress

One of Sydney and Melbourne’s most popular children’s entertainment activities is the Archie Brothers phenomenon – check them out on the above – 14,800 searches per month! This is an overwhelmingly competitive search term to rank for. Expect to see the following big media companies ranking for the Archie Brothers: Time Out, The Weekend Edition, The Urban List, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, TripAdvisor, Ellas List and What’s On Melbourne. So now Fun Day Out’s new website is live, we’ll be chipping away to make sure that their Archie Brothers page gains fresh ground in a very hard-fought SEO space. This may be a battle we don’t win, but since we’re into SEO transparency and SEO integrity we keep things realistic and up-front with all SEO clients at all times, and have done so for 12 years.

children's activities seo entertainment sydney corporate seo company

While Jay Scott Berry might only be 50 searches per month, in our eyes it’s as important to keep him up there as it is to get Ice Zoo ranking better due to their 2900 searches per month. Because Google no longer just lays down and obeys SEO practices. In fact sometimes the opposite. Nowadays when we put a link to Jollybops Science Show for example, we sometimes find that it’s Bike n Blend who jump up higher. This is called “Holistic SEO” because where you give strength to one thing, it doesn’t get all the strength, the strength filters through and causes something else to improve. A bit like life for those of us who are into the spiritual stuff.

fun day out SEO progress

James Craig sounds more like a beer or an AFL coach than a children’s activity, but kids just love him! Or in fact her, because He is a She,a tall ship. “She” is Sydney’s only 19th Century square rigger (or Tall Ship) and her incredible restoration to full sailing condition was recognised in 2003 by the World Ship Trust’s award of their prestigious Maritime Medal.With 590 searches per month, James Craig is well worth ranking well for in the pantheon of children’s entertainment SEO possibilities.

lollipops playland menai sydney seo digital marketing canoelands orchard parramatta

And let’s not forget that Canoelands Orchard is a fantastic Sydney school excursion activity right up there with the best. With 1300 searches per month, it’s a must to be an associated ranking on Page 1. Of similar high volume is Monster Skatepark based in Sydney and so high-traffic websites such as Wikipedia, Discover Parramatta and Weekend Notes have been scoring the Page 1 rankings for this term. Hence we persevere, because children’s entertainment SEO is something that will never expire.

fun day out SEO progress

Kids love Vision Gymsports and so once again it’s good for Fun Day Out to be there, but many times it’s not just about ranking for the children’s activity provider’s brand name, but also search terms like synthetic ice rink hire and medieval day at school – both 50 searches per month – show that their are endless variations. Kids’ activities are big SEO business! And of course we haven’t even started on the broader bigger search terms such as incursions (1900 searches per month), vacation care (2400 searches per month) and school excursions (4400 searches per month).

fun day out SEO progress

The above shows how different rankings can happen for different pages which reveal when SEO troubleshooting is required. Having an SEO company on-board to find when things have changed is vital. Sometimes the developer may have introduced a new database which is delivering batches in abundance. Probably all that extra content is great for Domain Authority, but what if it turns out to have changed the URL and no-one’s noticed? This is the kind of eye in the sky, canary in a coalmine aspect of search engine optimisation which should always be on hand. fun day out SEO progress

Sometimes strange little variations of big terms pique one’s interest. And would people on social media stop writing “peak my interest”. It’s pique. French for peak. We borrowed many French words, now let’s keep them. When something piques your interest or curiosity, here the verb pique just means to arouse, stimulate, or excite. Here at Corporate SEO, we’re always getting piqued about geeky SEO stuff, that’s why we’re so suited to doing search engine optimisation and social media management for kids parties and entertainment – because we’re just big kids, and Google’s algorithms are our toys. Anyway the point is, Google threw up “vacation care ideas” as one of its suggested searches and even though we’re monitoring Fun Day Out for about 240 relevant search terms, we’d never thought of this one before – added now.

fun day out SEO progress

And turns out, because we employ a unique algorithmic SEO method which we figured out a few years back, Fun Day out have 2 pages ranking for that term. See above. We can’t tell you the term because we figured it all out by our pretty selves, and you have to become our SEO client to find out what it is – but it works more often that not, and is a great way to steal more Page 1 real estate for all those property-obsessed Sydney types, of which there are far too many. First against the wall, I say.

luna park tom foolery sydney magician seo digital marketing search volumes

Now of course, we’ve got all the way into this article and haven’t mentioned magicians. So naturally Tom Foolery Magician can now drop in here, and the key term any local magician might want to rank for is “Sydney magician”. Another term which will be a long battle in SEO terms is Luna Park which gets 74,000 Google searches per month.

fun day out SEO progress

Dinosaur incursions are nicely scary but it’s Stardust Circus who needs to be mentioned here. While Fun Day Out were ranking #19 for this search term before their website rebuild, they’ve gone up to #13 since the relaunch. This is very promising and good news for the developer since there are 5400 searches per month for Stardust Circus – so their work has caused a loss of ground for some terms, but for others the new website is tracking okay. Bread and circuses, my friends.

fun day out SEO progress

Circus Rosehill is another one worth having, albeit for 260 searches, and in this case Fun Day Out have tracked upwards again, from #13 to #10. Turns out it’s their Stardust Circus page again. Circus SEO is a thing in the kids activity digital marketing game. What’s of more interest in the above graphic is YMCA Penrith with 1000 searches per month, and FDO were tracking at #12 which is pretty cool. They’re still at #12 which shows that YMCA Penrith is pretty stable when it comes to YMCA SEO.

fun day out SEO progress

Now here’s one still needing a fix, and what a fix it would be to get it. Check out the volume for Escape Room Parramatta which shows this is a huge trend in children’s entertainment SEO. They were ranking at #48 but now, after the revamp, horror of horrors, they dropped off completely! However it turns out they’re currently not promoting one in Parramatta so that’s OK, instead when it comes to Escape Rooms they’re promoting rooms in North Strathfield, Newcastle/Maitland Gaol, Macarthur Square and Wintergarden, Queensland. Looks like escape room SEO is something we have to focus on more.

fun day out SEO progress

Another that will be a future challenge is to get moving on spy laser challenge which only has 70 searches, but Fun Day Out was showing, pre-reno, at #64. On second thought, we probably won’t bother. Too low a volume. Bigger SEO fish to fry.

incursions seo kids activities digital marketing sydney

Instead, Escape Room Macarthur, where Fun Day Out were #14, is worth pushing on for, and again we can see that pre-renovation, FDO was all the way down at #85 for the single word “incursion” which does have an amazing 1900 searches per month. The whole of Page 1 is taken up by dictionaries explaining what an incursion is – it’s originally a war term eg a hostile entrance into or invasion of a place or territory, especially a sudden one; raid: The bandits made brief incursions on the village. So probably the singular ain’t so good – instead the plural “incursions” is much better, and here today we’re seeing Fun Day Out at #16 and #17. Evidently incursions SEO is a key part of the children’s activities online war.

fun day out SEO progress

Now it would be wrong to have written up Fun Day Out without mentioning Farmer Dave. According to Kerrie, the CEO, Farmer Dave is just insanely popular – “the kids can’t get enough of him,” she says. What an Aussie legend! There are only 260 searches per month for Farmer Dave but those searchers clearly want him, they know what they’re looking for and they’re ready to purchase school incursions or excursions with him. At a lowly ranking of #31 before the website rebuild, his page is now down at #35 and so needs some SEO love.

fun day out SEO progress

Wetherill Park indoor soccer is something that could improve in the future too. Or how about a rock-climbing party in Brookvale. There’s no end to the things kids love in Sydney! Sydney is without a doubt an incredibly child-friendly city. But …

Melbourne Kids Are Some of the Most Media-Savvy on Earth

Are you thinking of finally going for the much-awaited vacation? Well, vacations are a great way to unwind from work-burnouts, reconnect with your inner-self, and with your family and friends. However, planning a successful vacation can be quite daunting, especially while traveling with your spouse and kids. Apart from spending quality family time together, you could be looking for private moments with your spouse. However, since you are far from home, finding a nanny or sending your kids to their go-to, such as grandparents or aunt/uncle, is out of reach. What do you do? Give up your quests or leave your kids unattended in the hotel room? Well, here is your answer; vacation care company services.  It gets better; Melbourne children’s entertainment info is easily accessible online, easing your quest for a reliable and reputable service that matches your needs.

Apart from a few hours alone, vacation care services offer a range of benefits. For instance, while you could be having a hard time keeping your children away from their addictive screens, the vacation care services can help, facilitating quality outdoor and group activities that improve your kids’ health, not to mention enhanced interpersonal skills as they interact with other kids.

Among the challenges you will face while trying to get your kids to participate in outdoor activities actively is that you are limited to a few options. Vacation care companies, on the other hand, enjoy an extensive collection of professionally tailored activities that will not only capture your kid’s attention but also keep them engaged. From relaxed, fun activities, to intriguing quests such as solving mysteries by collaborating with other team members, and adrenaline-pumping activities to mention a few, there is no shortage of activities that best matches your children’s interests. This allows you to bond with your children while facilitating memorable experiences, ensuring that you get the most out of the vacation.

With the readily available Melbourne vacation care info that is easily accessible online, your quest for a fun-filled vacation can’t go wrong. With such information, you can conveniently establish varying considerations to help you find the most effective service. The best part is that you don’t have to be an online savvy user to access this information. With lots of parenting forums, social media pages, and groups, as well as independent review sites, you can access an extensive pool of information to help you narrow your search to a suitable vacation care service.

From touring the Chinese Museum, going on a shopping frenzy in Queen Victoria Market, the largest open-air market in Southern Hemisphere, to taking strolls in The Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria, among other fun activities, Melbourne is an excellent vacation destination with your family. After fulfilling family excursions, spice up the vacation by checking out exquisite eateries and taste varying mouthwatering cuisines. Your vacation can’t be complete without trying couples massage for a holistic healing experience, as your children explore various activities facilitated by the vacation care services.

Are you feeling like your kids are not getting the most out of their holidays? Maybe you keep pushing those vacation plans as you can’t seem to get enough time off your busy schedule? Well, you don’t have to let the guilt build-up while your children miss out on amazing experiences, especially noting that time can fly fast. Before you know it, they are all grown up heading to college without such childhood experiences and memories. With the readily available children’s vacation care companies around the world, you can facilitate fantastic holidays as you let the professionals take your children off the screens and enjoy various activities. While choosing a vacation care company, nonetheless, you need to employ due diligence and settle for reliable and reputable service. Among the factors to consider while choosing a company includes;


The last thing you want is exposing your children to unnecessary risks such as kidnapping, a concern that can quickly turn into a never-ending nightmare should you leave them in care of an unlicensed company. Apart from the peace of mind knowing that you can legally follow up should something happen, you know that the company is bound by the legal requirement and standards governing their operations. Such adherence is vital in ensuring that your children receive the best care possible.

Experience and expertise

How long has the company been in operation? Who is on their team? Does the company undertake a thorough background check on employees and volunteers?  Well, unfortunate incidence happens even for the most prepared organizations. As such, you need a team that is capable enough to respond to such a situation. Can they handle CPR, among other first aid procedures? How about administering medication? As you narrow your options, ensure that you go for a company with a team that has received relevant training on essential safety and health topics.

Read the fine print

What are the company’s policies? Before signing a contract, read the fine print, ask for clarifications, and ensure that the company is the best fit for your children’s vacation needs. From hours of operations and daily schedule, meals provided, activities included, fees, among other concerns, you need to understand the details to avoid last-minute shocks or regrets.

Company’s reputation

What are their previous clients saying about the company? Did their children have the time of their lives learning valuable skills, or did they promise the moon only to deliver tones? The good news is that establishing children’s vacation care companies’ reputation is now easier as you can employ online resources. From the company’s website, you can check the testimonials since happy clients are more than willing to leave a helpful review to help other consumers find the service. Moreover, you can check out independent review sites for a more balanced opinion, allowing you to fish out unreliable services.

You no longer have to deny your kids the much-needed break from their lives. With children’s vacation care companies around the world, you can facilitate a successful vacation despite restraints from your busy schedule.

Children’s entertainment SEO: It’s here forever

It’s a pretty underrated thing, this children’s entertainment SEO, but it will slow-burn its way through the universe. So if you want to tap into it call us on 1300 321 814.

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