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Multiple Website Rankings

In the digital sphere, as in life, you cannot be too many things to too many people. SEO is more effective when its focus is attuned in one clear direction. You are muddying the waters when trying to be all things to all people. Multiple website rankings are a strategic approach to deal with this problem. A bit like having multiple salespeople who embody decidedly different techniques, the multiple website approach can deliver powerful results. As a business you may have a product or service which can be marketed in distinctly different directions. Having multiple sites allows you to develop unique content strategies for each of your sites, rather than compromising the message for your SEO.

Client Examples Illustrating Multiple Domain Strategies for SEO

In fact, two of our most successful clients were best served by multiple website rankings, which delivered consistently top results and revenue for them over a long period of time. I will draw upon their outstanding achievements in this article to illustrate the effectiveness of this strategy. The first of these uber successful clients is in the finance sector and the loan business. Creating independent multiple domains for them proved to be a winning strategy. The extra sites became exact match domains for terms like ‘business loans Sydney’, ‘bad credit loans’, ‘personal loans’ and ‘cheap loans Australia’. Creating domain authority for these multiple sites proved to exponentially effective for this client.

Marketing Distinctive & Strange Bedfellows Online

The second of these exemplar clients is a women’s health clinic that became an industry leader via multiple domains ranking for ‘abortion Sydney’, ‘vasectomy Sydney’, ‘menopause treatment’, and ‘family planning’. As can be ascertained by these terms, the marketing of these procedures and treatments can be problematic in their distinctive natures. Having multiple websites all with unique and independent content can resolve these marketing challenges for the benefit of the client’s business.

Of course, you cannot take any shortcuts with multiple website rankings, as an SEO strategy. You cannot duplicate content or copy between sites. Each site must be developed and designed independently and uniquely, when it comes to content. You are building fresh online identities targeting particular demographics and market sectors. There is an energy and excitement inherent in the multiple domain strategy, which can deliver outstanding results and KPIs. Remember it pays not to try to be too many things to too many different people. Your digital strategy can clearly be outlined and created for each site. Yes, it is like having distinctively different salespeople for certain market segments. Horses for courses my friend!



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