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Content Strategy

It is no revelation to declare that we now live in an age run by computers and their digital programmes. The consequences of this reality, however, have a direct impact upon how we market our businesses. Suddenly, terms like ‘content strategy’ become extremely relevant to how we go about our business and achieve success. Computers store information via the data recorded digitally on software programmes. Therefore, we must continually define what we do, what we have and who we are, if potential clients are going to find us within these digital labyrinths. Thus, our content description becomes very important to surviving and thriving in the 21C.

Understanding the Importance of Content

Content concerns information, context, format, and medium. All of these elements must be addressed when considering your content strategy. Another way of looking at this is to say that our understanding of things is all about stories. Human beings create narratives to help them engage meaningfully with information. A whole bunch of data is difficult for us to process, we require a storyline underpinning all this information to make sense of things. Context breaks down the noise into a harmonious melody. Choosing the right medium and format for your content strategy campaigns communicates powerful stories that impact upon readers, listeners and viewers.

Effective Content Delivers Quality & Utility

Content that provides information with relevant utility will be taken up by the internet and search engines and shared widely across platforms. Good content refrains from pushing a sales message upon its audience and allows the quality and utility to speak for itself. Good content helps people, and that very fact speaks volumes about you and your company. Your content reflects upon your expertise and awareness within the market and the greater community. You are adding value via your content, which makes your business more than it once was.

Define Your Business Objectives

So, what is content strategy all about? Well, strategy is about the overriding plan. You need a plan Stan! Having great content is not enough on its own, it must fit into your overarching strategy. You need to define your business objectives before launching your content campaigns upon the market. What are your core objectives? Once you have a clear idea of what your business objectives are, then, you can craft a content strategy to achieve them.

  • Consider the target market you are wishing to reach.
  • Ask yourself what you want your content to accomplish in its quest to achieve your business goals?
  • What is the state of your existing content and does this reflect well upon these new aspirations?
  • Where will you source your new content?
  • What formats and mediums best suit your content strategy?


Google rewards quality content via its page ranking system and drives businesses to deliver this online. Search engines want to provide end users with results that satisfy, so they will continue to employ their services. Content strategy for SEO dovetails the desires and expectations of consumers, search engines and businesses. Information is the new currency in the 21C economy, and it must meet demand. Authoritative domains rank well in search, sometimes, despite their relatively diminutive size. Content which offers expertise and utility will invariably rank well with search engines.

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