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Life Insurance SEO

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Insurance is a popular term in Google search. Whether it’s life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, or business insurance, these are all things that help people have peace of mind, while making squillions of dollars for the insurance corporations and companies. That’s why life insurance SEO is so valuable for the insurance industry overall …

Life insurance death benefits are typically substantial, anywhere from $500,000 to upward of $1 million. After the passing of a loved one, this money can provide crucial financial security.

Life insurance benefits and claims in the USA totalled $784 billion in 2018. This includes life insurance death benefits, annuity benefits, disability benefits and other payouts, and compares with $697 billion in 2017.

The highest payout ever, $350 billion, was for surrender benefits and withdrawals from life insurance contracts made to policyholders who terminated their policies early or withdrew cash from their policies.

Why Life Insurance SEO Matters

The largest life insurance policy ever purchased, according to Guinness World Records, was for $201 million. It was bought in 2014 by an unnamed California tech billionaire and underwritten by 19 different insurers.

This of course means massive revenue for the Insurance Companies who underwrite such a policy. The company whose Google ranking drew the attention of the customer who purchased such a big policy made a fortune from just one customer enquiry. Organic SEO rankings are extremely important but so is conversion optimisation which helps a customer make an enquiry.

SEO for corporations is extremely competitive. And yet insurance is basically “selling nothing”. What a joke. Money for nothing. Yes, payouts happen, but not that much.

So the life insurance SEO Sydney businesses seek is something that’s high level, professional, 2020 best practice, using the best Offsite SEO backlinks, and which will guarantee international media quality editorial on the clients’ websites.

The Moneysmart government website shows different life insurance products which are designed to protect you from different events that can occur:

life cover — pays a lump sum when you die
total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance — pays a lump sum to help with rehabilitation and living costs
trauma insurance — covers you if you’re diagnosed with a major illness
income protection insurance — pays some of your income if you can’t work due to illness or injury

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