Social productivity is unlocking untapped knowledge and productivity potential inside the enterprise using social technology like Office 365 and Yammer. Basic integration brings together deeper connection to enable seamless experience; connected experiences that bring together messaging, collaboration, email and more.

With Office 365, you now have access to e-mail, documents, contacts, and calendars from anytime, anywhere where there is Internet connection. Whether desktop, laptops, and mobile devices – while it helps to protect against viruses and spam. Microsoft Office applications provide you with a familiar interface that eliminates the need to master “new stuff.”

Yammer allows organizations to enhance workflow and productivity through seamless communication. Yammer will also enable you to create external networks to allow non-employees like suppliers and customers to communicate with your company effectively and easily. Seamlessly navigate between Office 365 and Yammer through an integrated experience with Single Sign-On (SSO), users only need to log in once to access the Yammer feed – right inside Office 365.

Document management is the one of the cornerstone of Office 365. It is designed to allow the organization to upload files, tag, like and comment with ease. Organizing specific folders is easy and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing an important file. Finding important files is simple, streamlined process improving productivity of the organization. Searching for emails, waiting for responses and looking for documents can get in the way of workflow and productivity. Office 365 with Yammer makes communicating and sharing files fast and easy creating a dramatic increase in the quality of your workflow. Improved workflow leads to better productivity.

When employees work together instead of separately, new and better ideas can be formed. Employee isolation disappears and engagement increases. Yammer in Office 365 helps to drive productivity by allowing employees to connect, communicate and collaborate as a team. It also help onboarding new employees easier, posting content to groups serves as virtual training ground for new employees. Employees can comment on documentation, ask questions, feedbacks and connect to experts.

Business with a large number of employees in different location can now communicate, share documents and files, create content and schedule meetings and event in real time regardless of location. Office 365 is the best solution to scheduling problems, it allows users to share their calendars as well as maintain individual private calendars. No more wasting time with scheduling conflict, employees can now attend meetings in person or via virtual conference.

Clients and customers are also important in research and development, knowing what they have to say helps in gaining insight on what they want and what you can offer. Office 365 integrated with Yammer provides you with an option of creating a space in your community specifically devoted to customer support and feedback. It allows you to personally help your clients and customer and creates engagement.

Focusing on productivity should always be a priority. Implementing Office 365 with Yammer integration helps unlock untapped knowledge and productivity potential inside your organization. WebVine can manage your migration to Office 365. Contact WebVine for a free demo of Office 365 and learn how it can take your organization to a whole new level of productivity.