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Conversion Optimisation

Conversion for some might be a scary term, as they think about the batting average of ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan. Although there are undeniable historical links between organised religion and marketing. In fact, in my own opinion, I consider the church to be the founder of marketing period. That, however, is another story for another time. Conversion optimisation, in this instance, is all about how many tyre kickers and window shoppers you turn into cash spending customers. We all know about surfing the web, where folks trawl around checking interesting things out. We know this from our own online behaviours and from those around us. The majority of visitors to websites do not actually purchase anything for a variety of reasons. Conversion optimisation is the digital strategy for loosening the purse strings of these visitors.

How to Transform Traffic into Sales?

There are more than a billion websites globally and the vast majority of them are without a sale to their name. I don’t know about you but that strikes me as kind of sad. It speaks of misfiring strategies and misapplied capitol. It sings a song of failure and the herd mentality of human beings. We like to focus on the success stories in life, especially in the study of marketing. The poor conversion optimisation exponent is like the guy or gal who cannot get to first base. It tells a story of the loneliness of the loser. Now, we all know snippets of that in our own lives and in the lives of friends and family. Nobody sings the praises of these individuals and their sad existences. Thus, it is easy to have a strong motivation to boost your conversion optimisation rate online and in all aspects of your life. What can we do to really transform traffic into sales?

Interview & Incentivise Your Potential Customers

Conduct accurate research into what your customers want from your website and online presence. The digital realm must be navigated, and you need to ascertain if your portal is serving the needs of potential clients. You will not convert enquiries into customers if there are barriers in their way. Misinformation and the absence of crucial information are common barriers to conversion optimisation. Ask your customers if they are getting what they want from your site. Are they being engaged by the content and style presented by your business online? Interview and incentivise them to provide this important information. Navigation and structure are, also, vital aspects in conversion optimisation.

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