WebVine are a Sydney based boutique consultancy working with clients who are looking to get the most out of SharePoint. They provide optional support agreement to clients to help them keep improving their SharePoint environments. Sharepoint development team on Sydney provide SharePoint consultancy to build solutions and they also provide SharePoint content migration assistance. WebVine experts develop in SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013.

When WebVine initially contacted us, they were very frustrated with their rankings. Their ranking dived on the 8th page of Google for their major keywords. The website did not have any keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google. When we ran their initial ranking report, we noticed that there was plenty of room for improvement. Their ultimate goal was to beat out competition by increasing search engine rankings and visibility.

We performed a very detailed keyword analysis in order to identify and target a range of keywords that have large search volumes per month in Sydney.

Keyword / Average Search Volume

SharePoint    2900
SharePoint Sydney   50
SharePoint Development Sydney  50
SharePoint Consultant Sydney   20
SharePoint Developer Sydney  30

After identifying the keywords, we assigned the keywords to specific pages in the site. We then created a keyword-rich content, starting with the homepage and rewrote the content on the pages to have keyword density to support the keywords. We also implemented and developed a customized optimization strategy for WebVine. On-page SEO and development of updated pages containing the targeted keywords. We also did link-building campaign for Webvine to support their major keywords. Optimized articles were also syndicated for WebVine.

After four months we are pleased with the result of the campaign. WebVine achieved the top #10 ranking in Google for their five most important keywords.

Keyword / Google Ranking

SharePoint 8
SharePoint Sydney 1
SharePoint Development Sydney 1
SharePoint Consultant Sydney 2
SharePoint Developer Sydney 6