If your website is going to target a competitive term, such as debt consolidation, you need to understand how cornerstone content works. The fact of the matter is that there will be very many websites out there which will also be targeting that particular key phrase. The sheer number of sites interested in that phrase helps to explain why it is so competitive. After all, if your site can rank highly for that phrase, you can expect a lot of visitors to be directed to your site by the search engines.

While a term like debt consolidation can be difficult to rank for, it is not impossible. If you follow a sound strategy, if you build the content required by this effort, and if you give your efforts sufficient time, you may be able to overcome the competition. This then leads to the idea of cornerstone content. More specifically, what is it and how is it used?

You can already glean some understanding of the term from the word cornerstone. The idea here is that your site will have certain content that is the most useful and most relevant to visitors. In terms of debt consolidation, you might have one particular article which has been extensively researched and which contains a wealth of information for someone interested in the topic. So when it comes to this particular subject, if there was one place on your site that you would refer people to, who want to learn more about debt consolidation, then that is the very first place that you would send people to.

The content has to be good enough, so that people will feel that they derived good value from reading it. In fact, it should generally be so good that people won”t just be content to read it. They will instead feel compelled to share it with other people, who they know are also interested in debt consolidation. And given the way things are going, there are very many people out there who would benefit from such a good article.

Once you have your cornerstone content set up, you need to make sure that the other parts of your site build on that content and support it properly, so that it can be highlighted and emphasized as much as possible. Also, you need to make sure your cornerstone content is structured in a way that is appealing both to search engines as well as social media.

When it comes to structuring the content, you need to make sure you get the important parts right. Make sure that the article uses the appropriate keywords, for example words related to debt consolidation, in a way which remains readable and useful to your visitors. Tie the keywords in to the particular questions or queries that you expect your visitors to have about the topic. Make it easy for visitors to bookmark, share and link to your content, so that they have an easier time making the content available to others. This will also help to raise the authority of your site in the eyes of the search engines.

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