On a monthly basis we check our clients rankings to ensure they”re not losing ground, and in competitive areas such as the much-desired high rankings for furniture sydney we like to be hyper-vigilant.

When people are searching for furniture stores in Sydney the chances are they”re looking for individual items such as entertainment units, dining tables, bedroom furniture, coffee tables or bookshelves – and this is where we deliver, via Offsite SEO, a comprehensive portfolio of high rankings – not just a handful of

So it is that we”re able to check our client Habitat Furniture and report back to them that they have the following rankings:

Entertainment units Sydney – #5 out of 703,000 results – 720 local searches per month

Dining Tables Sydney – #9 out of 1.6 million results – 2,400 monthly searches

Suddenly things can slip away fast, so more push required for …

Bedroom furniture Sydney – slipped to #57 … 2,900 local monthly searches

Furniture stores Sydney – 1.52 million search results down to #31 with this page.

Dining furniture Sydney – an unusual search with the word “room” missing – at #55

Shorter Is Better

In August 2012, we began the focus on the product search only – no more locations for us! So we created 20 new pages which, on 20 September, we then added these links to:

Furniture stores

Bedroom furniture

Dining room furniture

Dining Tables

Entertainment Units

Lounge furniture

TV Units

Filing cabinets

Study desks

Office furniture

Pine bookcases

Pine furniture

Furniture shop

Furniture shops

Furniture shops in Sydney

Pine furniture shops

Furniture stores

Timber furniture

Sydney furniture shops

Sydney furniture stores