Have You Heard? Hearing Loss Is Getting Louder …

What”s that you say?

As an ex-rocker who then spent many a night in front of rock band speakers taking photos of somewhat more successful rock acts, I knew what it was like to start to give up on conversations in venues that even just had slightly muddy sound backgrounds.

I stopped talking to quietly-spoken people – and even in more gentile small bars, I found it hard to hear what people were saying to me from a metre away.

So as a survivor of tinnitus and yet a person who in my forties feel that I need the TV turned up to “really enjoy it”, I”ve had a vested interest in getting to know the people at HEARnet and to understand the demand that is growing out there in their industry.

We recently found 15 searches that are in high demand and as of 19 May 2013 we”re working on ranking them better for all those terms.

HEARNET SEO Keyphrase searches and page destinations

1. Hearing Loss
140 million search results
#10, #12, #13, #14 or even #15 (currently volatile) is this page:
Also included in first appraisal:
12 May 2013: Home-page SEOed for hearing loss
Linked to from home-page:

2. Hearing aids
47.6 million search results
Not seen 1st ten pages

Hearing Aids

Newly SEO-ed Homepage has ranked #52 for “hearing aids”


Designated page – SEO-ed on 17 May 2013 – as at that moment, showing up would you believe at exactly #100:

Hearing Aids

Recommendation 1: expand the editorial on the designated page by at least 1 paragraph.
Recommendation 2: On other pages of the site, where you mention “hearing aids” plural, link to this designated page (internal links)

3. Cochlear
3.78 million search results
Was #24, now fluctuating between #20 – #22

4. Cochlear implant
1.77 million search results
Was #29, now 2 rankings with a #23 and #24:

5. Cochlear Implants
This page again, at #14:
For reference hearingcrc.org at #11 and #12
6. Hearing impairment
4.3 million search results
Needs a Post written because no URL identified as having /hearing-impairment in it
Not seen first ten pages

7. Tinnitus
tinnitus 27,100pm
tinnitus treatment 2,900pm
Not seen first ten pages
Will need a LOT of work as 9.45 million search results
Above page has just been SEO-ed 17 May 2013
Most Searched Terms: tinnitus symptoms, tinnitus, tinnitus treatment, tinnitus australia, tinnitus clinic, hearing loss, tinnitus causes, what is tinnitus.

8. Hearing devices
Not seen first ten pages

9. Hearing Technology
Only 320 searches per month: however there is already a URL created with this phrase – and it”s ranking at #4.
Page SEO-ed on 19 May 2013

10. Hearing problems

11. Hearing test
Not seen first ten pages

12. Hearing testing

13. Audiology

14. Audiologist
This page SEO-ed 19 May 2013

15. Hearing protection

Offsite SEO:

Hearing Loss Rock Bands

Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Most Searched Terms: hearing loss, hearing problems, hearing aids, devices, hearing technology, tinnitus, cochlear implants, SEO sydney, search engine optimisation, cochlear implant, hearing loss in australia, hearing loss clinics sydney, melbourne, brisbane, perth.