Looking for pure linen sheets in Australia?

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known and used by man. There are records showing it was extensively used in the ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Egyptians used the fabric for clothing, wearing long white vests as those usually seen on paintings, as well as for wrapping deceased wealthy family members. Merchants seeking to build new markets then exported this fabric from Egypt to Ireland, France and several other countries.

Ireland and France started then growing their own flax, which is the fibre the linen is made from. Ireland, at the time, invested more in the linen production in order to compete with cotton fabrics that were being supplied by the British at a lower cost and larger scale. Turning flax into linen was mostly a handmade process until spinning machines began to be used in this fabric manufacturing. The weaving techniques, though, were transmitted throughout entire family generations in both countries, contributing to achieving a high product quality known today. Nowadays, Ireland doesn’t grow flax in large amounts, making it necessary to import most of the material from other countries including France.

In the beginning of the use of linen in Ireland it was common for men and women to wear linen shirts and dresses that were meters and meters long. In France, for instance, linen was commonly used on tablecloths and napkins as well as on clothing. Linen used to be a symbol of great status at that time, being used by important people in society such as kings and priests.

The northern region of France has great natural conditions for growing flax allowing it to be exported to various locations around the world. An Australian company named Simply Linen, for example, uses French flax in its luxurious creations. They offer to their customers several different products made of pure linen, such as flat and fitted sheets, sheet sets, duvet covers, pillowslips, tablecloths, table runners, placemats and napkins, as well as other gift options like hand towels and lavender linen sachets. Simply Linen also offers handmade personalized monogrammed linen and even makes custom orders, in case a client wants a special sheet size for example.

Whoever is looking for linen products these days is sure to find high quality products worth the investment and that will last for generations to come.