SEO is a blood sport to some, and an elegant conquering to others.

With thanks to our clients, we award the following Links of the Week!!

Sexual Health Clinic Sydney ~ Choices Sexual Health, a new client of ours, need this one as they”re currently not ranking in the top ten Google pages for this phrase.

Social Media Training ~ our client is at #3 for this term out of 642 MILLION search results – can we get them to #1???

Wheatgrass Sydney ~ we”ve fired up this new client on Twitter in the last week – now let”s give their website a nudge.

Kinesiology Melbourne ~ The Health Arts College are at #7 for this – with an onsite tweak as well as this fresh link, can we take them higher?

Furniture Sydney ~ Habitat Furniture sure want more with this search term. MORE LINK SOUP FOR YOU!

Corporate SEO in Sydney: Links of the Week. We”re evil, but never black hat. We conquer stuff. Our clients get rich. We look after their rankings. It”s love.

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