Our client Sandra Cabot is not the liver-cleansing lady.

She”s Sandra Cabot the Sydney CBD hypnotherapist, and she sees Sydney”s corporate leaders and helps them, through hypnosis, empower themselves to greater heights so they can run their companies more effectively.

What she sees clients for:

Executive Hypnotherapy

Corporate Hypnosis

Business Leadership Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Business Executives

Hypnosis for Corporate CEOs

Hypnosis for Small Business

NLP for Sales Directors

Hypnosis for Corporations

Hypnotherapy for Business

Hypnosis for Sales Managers & Directors

Sales Team Hypnosis for Motivation

Hypnotherapy for Business Executives

Business Hypnosis

We”ve already cracked Sandra dozens of #1 or #2 rankings on Google for her most crucial search terms, eg she”s #1 for “hypnosis sydney” and #2 for “hypnosis clinic sydney” – and the main words she will always want to rank for are:




Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Stop Smoking

Hypnosis For Anxiety

We also work with Sandra monitoring her Google Adwords campaign. Of course Google is chasing her for ever more Adwords spend but our SEO work with her helps her to keep her Adwords spend at a reasonable level.

And of course to further add value, we do Sandra”s social media where we”ve launched and ongoingly developed her profile on Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Sorry liver-cleansing lady, but this Sandra has taken ownership of the Twitter name @SandraCabot – you missed it.