Every savvy small to medium business owner has researched and considered the value of creating a Youtube video that has the potential to “go viral”.

Usually the mistake that business owners make is falling at one of the early hurdles by becoming too brand-centric rather than allowing the video to fully complete its narrative sans branding.

And yet the allure of a simple iPhone or Android “moment in time” remains forever a possibility.

A prime example is the Bob Hawke skolling a beer video shot by NSW real estate manager Glenn Brandon.

The video now has over 1 million views and its existence was based on the genius of the creator in yelling out to Mr Hawke, “one for the country!”.

We”re now starting to search for a chance to create viral social media videos and so have partnered with music producer and videographer Dean Ranel to help small to medium Australian businesses develop and produce entertaining viral Youtube videos.

To find out more you can email Dean directly: [email protected]

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