Schema markup is a structured data that tells the search engine about page content. In the past, schema markup was just a structured data of a website but not anymore, it is now considered as a potential key factor for a website’s visibility.

Schema markup informs search engines about your page content which can, therefore, affect your rankings in search engine results pages [SERPs]. It can also improve your website’s domain authority. However, most SEO people don’t know much about schema and its function, and this is why finding a local SEO expert can be of great help.
Different types of Schema Markup

There are a variety of schemas to choose from. It can be quite hard to know which one is ideal for your website type. The following are some of the different types of schema that can be used in almost all types of sites.

1. Organizational Schema Markup

This type of schema markup is used in organizations such as NGO, schools, companies, clubs, etc. It gives the opportunity to add a logo, information about your organization, and social profile links.

2. Website Schema Markup

It is used to show the search box feature in search engine result pages [SEROPs] together with a site name. It works perfectly for those who already have a site search on their website so that the Sitelink Search Box element can work well.

3. Site Navigation Schema Markup

It is used to make the search engine aware of a site’s structure and navigation. It displays categories such as Our Services, About US, Contact, and Our Locations in SERPs.

4. Video Schema Markup

The video schema markup appears in SERPs with small tiny videos next to the results. It can make you stand out in the search results.

5. Schema Article Markup

This type of markup helps content to appear in Google News and article search options. There are two components of schema article markup: NewsArticle and Blogposting schemas, whichever you choose will depend on your content.

Benefits of Schema Markup for SEO

The main aim of schema markup is to make your page appear visually pleasing to attract the readers’ click. It also makes the search engine to make the content of your page to be understood easily by the readers.
The following are some of the importance of schema markup for SEO.

1. They promote events directly in search results for local queries such as “events near me” The business will pop up in the search results with in depth information about the venue, charges, and performers.

2. Schema markup can allow you to display your business details in SERPs such as logos, customer care, contact numbers, social media accounts, etc.

3. Schema markup can clarify to search engines what the business is all about, what it sells, and how you can contact the business.

4. It makes a website’s page to appear more attractive, engaging and most importantly informative in SERPs with snippets and images. This is why websites with schema markup tend to rank better than those without it.