In the search for corporate wellness, there’s the desire to optimise company wellbeing through the financial literacy of its employees via education programs.

The more I speak to Gen Y the more I realise what is important to them, we know they are different but what is it?

Well it is this workforce that will determine the future of the business and smart businesses are now aware that attracting, engaging and retaining this group is key.

They are looking for an employer that enables them and stands for what is important to them and their goals, not just their pockets.

Aon Hewitt suggests that understanding human beings reasons for living, enabling personal dreams and goals, and providing an engaging flexible workforce contribute to being an employer of choice and that staff don’t move for money alone.

We do know that people will leave an employer if they do not think that the employer has their personal wellbeing on their agenda.

There is a real opportunity at the moment to use current changes in superannuation legislation to use financial education as an employee program to support the individual goals and leverage these changes to improve the financial wellbeing of staff.

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