You know you”ve made it in social media when the PR company behind the horsie spectacular Cavalia contact you to give you a free double-pass of VIP seats including backstage food and drinks and all they want you to do is do a few tweets about the show!

Such was the recent case for our client Farmstay Australia as the tour guide Sally a.k.a. Aussie Farmstay has got over 15,000 followers on Twitter – all organically-grown followers.

Needless to say she had an enormously great night. What girl doesn”t love horses?

While social media is all love and light, and Sally also has a very successful Aussie Farmstay Facebook page with over 3700 fans last time we looked, the tours from Sydney battle at the top end of Google is ever-tougher – and that”s why Sally originally sought us out.

Over a 12-month period we”ve achieved a great array of ranking successes for Sally such as:

Farmstay Australia ~ a #6 out of 745,000 search results.

Aussie Adventures ~ a stable #5 ranking out of 10.9 million search results

Blue Mountains Tours ~ a #9 ranking for a website that”s only 4 months old.

However her latest assault has begun, and that”s a thrust towards the surprisingly popular keyphrase tours from sydney which is searched by over 40,000 people.

Apart from “tours from sydney”, we”re also chipping away at any kind of ranking for Outback Australia though like any term of this breadth, we”ve got a 12 months time-frame for this one.

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