It might seem bizarre to be writing about chlamydia in relation to SEO but the simple fact is chlamydia has seen a resurgence in its fortunes – it”s a borderline epidemic in Australia.

It”s both the thinking man”s and thinking woman”s disease. A woman may not know she has it for years, it has no dramatic working-class symptoms such as pustules or sores, as a female condition it”s seemingly benign – however in truth it has a more dire outcome – it can cause a woman to become infertile – for a woman who wants to become a mum, this can be devastating.

For men it”s a different kettle of fish – within 24 hours of contracting it, a man”s penis can throb with not the most severe pain ever, but certainly enough to tell a man there”s something not quite right downstairs.

As such, men can play the role of the canary in the coal mine. A man who contracts this condition can inform his recent partner that she is the carrier. A difficult matter to broach perhaps, but it can save the lives of a woman”s future children – truly a karmic duty of a man to pass on this information even if he”s feeling somewhat cheesed off at his painful penis.

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