The main reason for installing a security camera is to deter crime and eliminate vandalism. Not so long ago, having surveillance cameras was deemed as an extravagance. Nowadays, security cameras appear in more homes than in businesses: Having a fence or a gate in this day and age does not guarantee safety; hence, security cameras are in need.

What features should one look for when purchasing a security camera?

A security camera can only be as good as the features it carries. Most people opt for sophisticated security camera installation with the following features.

Tilt and zoom

A camera that lets you remotely control the direction it is facing is simply the best. With such a camera, you can monitor a large area with ease.

Night vision

Seeing intruders after dark becomes a walk in the park with a night vision camera.

Motion detectors

Most cameras start recording after they sense motion, after which an email or app alert appears to your phone.

High definition video and photos

A good security camera should give you perfect images and footage.

Wide-angle lenses

If you intend to cover a large area, a wide-angle lensed camera will come in handy. Also, cameras with such lenses are small hence cannot be seen easily.

Why are there more cameras in homes than in businesses?


Most burglaries do not involve violence because burglars break into a house to steal only. However, it can be traumatizing always to remember an experience with a burglar, not to mention their property’s loss. After a burglary, it is paramount to make an insurance claim. For a privilege to be admissible, it is vital to have some evidence. Hence, most people have security cameras in their homes.

To check on loved ones

A security camera gives firsthand information on how your family is doing. You could be at work or wherever but still, know how your child is doing. Monitoring your loved ones gives so much satisfaction because it is inherent in all humans to protect the people they love.

To aid the police

Most people place security cameras at home with most break inns being on residential properties to help the police acquire evidence against thieves. It is especially true for families with windows that don’t face the streets directly. Having exterior cameras above the windows will help capture all activities and also identify criminals.

Protection from fires

For most people, security cameras deter burglars. Security systems can also protect from fires because home security systems come with smoke and heat detectors, alerting people as soon as the fire starts. In wealthy suburbs like Mossman, where renovations have no limits, a fire detector is almost mandatory.

To sum up

Home is the place to rest and get rejuvenated for the next day.  Everyone loves to have a peace of mind. It explains why most people opt to have cameras at home more than they do in their business.