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We have stacks of programs and in Social Media we can cater to the smallest business up to the largest corporation …

Social Media - Sydney Corporate SEOWhile a key goal of your Social Media presence is to increase the amount of email addresses in your database, it’s missing the opportunity of social media to focus on this as the sole end point.

Becoming strong on social media is the journey, and being strong on social media is both the arrival and then continuing journey.

Every business now needs to remain fully engaged in social media as an end in itself.

Your key clients are for the most part active and growing on social media and you need to be not just mirroring them, but ideally you need to be bettering them (while not making a fuss about it).

If your company is in a boom-phase then there are scores of reasons to spend even $10-12K per month on social media alone, so you can rev up to the velocity that matches your corporate activity.

We have the social media talent from high-level corporate social media directors to foot soldiers, to give you a substantial boost and then to hold that ground through strong activity.

While many companies are at this level already, to give you some contrast, other typical social media programs we run are at these levels (based on minimum 12-month program):

$5,000 per month

$4,000 per month

$2,600 per month

$1,200 per month

And smaller packages even down to just $385 per month Small Business Starter Program outlined below.

You can always start on a higher amount for 3-6 months and then drop down to the lower amount, e.g. $4K for 4 months then $1200 per month gives you a solid first-up boost then settles into a groove that still delivers that key requirement: present-tense presence.

To sneak up on, then outpoint their competitors, many medium-size businesses use the $2600pm model for a year. But some prefer to kick a lot more goals on the $4-5K per month option as it allows a greater proportional spend on Facebook ads – and Facebook is usually the toughest platform to get to an authoritative level.

Our motto is whatever you do, do it well, better to do 3 platforms well and be present on them all the time, than to try too many and appear spartan and lacking in engagement on them all.

The Six Social media Platforms that we specialise in are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linked In
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Small Business Package

To give you a taste of how effective even our smallest programs are. for $385 per month, your program would be:

Facebook: Daily relevant status update and connect with 5 other businesses relevant to your business

Twitter: 6 tweets per weekday and following 40 people relevant to your business
3 tweets per weekend-day and following 20 people relevant to your business

Pinterest: 3 updates per day and following 10 people relevant to your business

Included in the Program:

1. Any direct correspondence / responses from people connecting with you via these social media platforms, e.g. enquiries about your courses etc, will be flagged to you by email so you can choose to respond by email back to your assigned Social Media Managers (whoever it comes from) or you can log in and respond directly / take up that discussion.

2. Benefits of our growing Social Media network are that you gain regular Retweets, Mentions and Shares which are not itemised, but which consciously happen by virtue of our staff knowing you’re a client.

Eg on Twitter they would typically occur on the following profiles:!/sydneycafes!/barsinsydney!/atomicSM!/sandracabot!/THAcollege!/barsinmelbourne

And at least 20 other accounts.

3. Personal access to a company which is always on the cutting edge, testing new platforms and methodologies and giving you the market benefits of this expertise.

Terms & Conditions:

We only want people to take up our programs who are in it for 12 months minimum, as there’s a fair bit of background organisation ongoing throughout the campaigns. So we’re not saying you can’t cancel, more a case of if you’re thinking that you would be the sort of client who might cancel, then we’d prefer not to work together in the first place.

Payment is always by credit card kept securely on file and processed at the start of each month of the program, e.g. your payment would be 1st August for the management done in August.

Overview of Other Programs:

Most of our Social Media packages range cost-wise as follows (all per month):


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