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Dominate Your Nation - Corporate SEO
In every market in every capital city in any nation, Corporate SEO, can take you to the top of the tree and conquer your industry. Perception is everything in marketing and with this perception quickly follows real sales topping results. When your customers see your company regularly achieving the number one position in their page ranking search on their search engine, they will turn to you first and foremost.

The web has replaced retail bricks and mortar with virtual online reality. You impress via your site and your search results. With mobile phone browsing set to succeed desktop internet access by 2014, the new corporate world has already arrived.

The power of the consumer is literally in their fingertips, as they access smart phone apps to do business, shop and make their economic presence felt. Is your company keeping pace or being left behind?

How flexible and dynamic is your online presence? Does your company have a twenty first century marketing strategy or are you still living in the seventies, eighties or nineties? Print advertising is dead! Fairfax Media slashing jobs and closing down printing presses; ACP are shutting down titles and rationalising a shrinking market. TV is a progressively splintering market, with free to air an ageing market, pay TV less than a third of viewing households nationally, and the internet growing with faster broadband speeds and new technologies bringing internet TV.

With search putting your company into the hands of your customers, now is the time to be building your online presence through SEO and social media. Dedicated marketing spending on SEO and social media strategy can deliver massive ROI.

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