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Offsite SEO

What is Offsite SEO?

“Offsite SEO” is one of the most important phrases your business will hear this year.

Now that’s an understatement.

Offsite SEOWhen done well, it is the creation of quality “Offsite SEO Articles” about your business on high-traffic, Google-preferred websites, which then feature precision “Inbound Links” to your website. Links from blogs simply don’e cut it in our SEO world. We only create links from established websites with medium-to-high traffic.

In our many years of performing “Offsite SEO” we have never stooped to Link Farm and the scores of cheap and nasty Offsite SEO methods that so many other SEO operators lapsed into – through laziness, ignorance, or more than likely, through enjoying the huge profit margins between what they charge you, and the 3rd-world countries where they can buy 1000s of dodgy links from dodgy sites and blogs.

Now, with Google’s launch of Google Panda, the chickens have really come home to roost.

All the purveyors of cheap, nasty links on cheap, nasty link farms and ‘article marketing automation’ blogs have been obliterated.

What this means for all those unwitting business owners who had gone with SEO companies who used such dubious practices, is that unfortunately for them, they have suffered massive down-gradings in their listings.

In many cases, they’re having to start again, and have suffered massive losses in income.

We post articles and give inbound links only from the following proven high-traffic highest-ranking websites: – 13 years old, 1000s of unique users per day – 10 years old, 1500 unique users per day – 6 years old, over 3000 unique users per day – 11 years old, over 750 unique users per day

We’ve now also partnered with a new supplier of quality editorial with the following Google-approved websites now part of our team:

So  we hope you’ll make the right choice for your sake – not for our sake, we’re already doing well and have many loyal clients thanks to our proven best practices – in this case, making the right decision about the complex applications of Offsite SEO is about your sake.

We specialise in Corporate SEO and Lead Generation. Are you looking for an SEO or Lead Generation program? Or both?

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